NOTE: This character, and the movie he's in, are made up.

Hector Dermont is the main antagonist/turned protagonist in the Fireman Sam Theatrical Universe. He is voiced by Jimmy Hibbert.

Hector Dermont.png


Despite him being the main antagonist, Hector Dermont is a nice television reporter from Newtown. He loves his fans and does not despise Fireman Sam. Although, his only negative personality is sarcasm. 


Wilf (Postman Pat: The Movie, both wear similar clothing and are sarcastic)

Anger (Inside Out, both are red and sarcastic)

Bloo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, both are sarcastic)

Buck Douglas (Fireman Sam: Alien Alert, both are television personalities and share the same behaviors)

Twinkie (Sausage Party, both are cheerful and they smile a lot)

Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny (South Park, all five of them are sarcastic. Although, Cartman and Hector both wear red and are more sarcastic that the other three boys)

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