Hellhound 1

HellHound is a Character Form All Dogs Go to Heaven 

Played In Kovuladdin and Dodgerladdin as Genie Jafar

Played In Tornado Duke in Deer-A-Doodle

He is a form of Tornado

Played In Simbaladdin as Gigantic Genie

Played In Simbacules as Cerberus

Played In Dodgerladdin 2: The Return of Scarface as Genie Jafar

Played In Br'er Fox (Aladdin) as Snake Jafar

Played In Blue Frackles In The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

Played In Simba (AKA Casper (CoolZDane Style) as Carrigan Crittenden (Ghost)

Played In The Evil Pony Princess as The Great Animal

Played In Bolt (Shrek) as Fifi

Played In The Ugly Bear and Me as Pike

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