Ben Tennyson in Ben 10 (2016)

Ben Tennyson as Fly (Human)

Gumball watterson season 3

Gumball as Fly (Fish)

Tina Nelson

Tina Nelson as Stella (Human)


Anais as Stella (Starfish)

Mowgli Smiles with joy

Mowgli as Chuck (Human)

Darwin watterson season 3

Darwin as Chuck (Jellyfish)


Rainbow Dash as Sasha

Character linnux

Linnux as Joe (Pilot Fish)

The Black Beet

Shadowborg as Joe (Human)

Glut the Shark

Glut the Shark as The Shark

Randall Boggs

Randall Boggs as The Crab

Helen Parr-The Incredibles

Helen Parr/Elastigirl as Lisa

Bob Parr in The Incredibles 2

Mr. Incredible as Bill

Merida closeupa1

Merida as Aunt Anna

Seymour Skinner

Seymour Skinner as Professor MacKrill

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