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Henri Richard Maurice Dutoit LeFevbre (pronounced Ahn-ree) is a main protagonist from Liberty's Kids. he was an 8-year-old orphan from France who came to America with his parents, who died of disease on the voyage.

the ship's captain exploited Henri afterward to pay for his family's passage, making the boy do grueling work as an indentured cabin boy with no respect or mercy. Eventually, James and Moses helped Henri sneak off the ship and the boy found a home and family in Benjamin Franklin's workshop.


Though a well-intentioned boy, Henri was commonly found getting into trouble, no matter how often he is told to stay out of it; he quite enjoys the fun, excitement, and attention it brings. As Sarah commented in the episode New York, New York, "Sometimes I think Henri believes this is all just a big party for his benefit!". He frequently expressed his distaste at learning to read English (or studying in general), as he preferred his native language, and would rather be out playing, though he decided to learn anyway. Henri also had quite an appetite as he was always hungry, even when he had just eaten. He also once clogged the works of Franklin's printing press with a pastry.


  • He became close to Marquis de Lafayette and returns to France with him at the end of the series.
  • He is noticeably voiced by Kathleen Barr.