this scene is harry potter 3

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Sabrina Spellman Punches Sid Philips

 ??? Punches Tank Muddlefoot

Mariah Wong Punches Ash Ketchum

Angel Punches Sid

Susie Derkins punches Calvin

Anna punches Wilbur

 ??? Punches Taran

 ??? Punches Rudy Moonich

Beebee Bluff punches Roger Klutz

 ??? Punches Mandark

 ??? Punches Little Evil

Lisa Simpson Punches Nelson Muntz

 ??? Punches Silver

 ??? Punches Mario

Dawn punches Paul

Olivia Flaversham Puches Martin Brisby

Foxy Loxy Punches Bowser Jr

Naminee Punches ???

 ??? Punches Noah Kaiba

Eilonwy Punches Gary Oak

Eilonwy Confronts him but gary laugh and Sid and Mandark gets him up and runs away

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