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Heterodontosaurus is one of more popular ornithischian genera thanks to the mixture of teeth in the mouth.‭ ‬Heterodontosaurus had blade-like incisor teeth and chisel-like molar teeth within the mouth for processing food by slicing and grinding respectively.‭ ‬The show stealing features of the mouth however are the large tusks in the anterior‭ (‬front‭) ‬of the mouth.‭ ‬The presence of these tusks means that Heterodontosaurus had three separate kinds of teeth within its mouth,‭ ‬something that is very unusual for a dinosaur.‭ The tusks of Heterodontosaurus have been the largest source of confusion for this genus since there are too very good theories that explain their presence.‭ ‬The first is that they were feeding aids that were used like digging tools,‭ ‬such as for the purpose of digging up plant roots and tubers or breaking down the walls of termite mounds.‭ ‬Another theory though is that the tusks may have been only present upon the males,‭ ‬and that the tusks were used for display and possibly in fights between rival males.‭ ‬Unfortunately we cannot yet say for certain which,‭ ‬or possibly even a degree of both is more correct,‭ ‬but we do now know that the large canines were also present in juveniles.