Hiram Flaversham

Hiram Flaversham is a Olivia's Father from "The Great Mouse Detective."

Voice Actors:

  1. Alan Young - English
  2. Ichiro Murakoshi - Japanese

Hiram Played King Richard in Basil Hood

He is Prince John.s Big Brother and the King of Engiland

Hiram Played Chief Powhatan in Oliviahontas

He is a Chief

Hiram Played Lord Rogers in The Elephant Princess

He is Derek's Most Trusted Person

Hiram Played Cassim in Basiladdin 3: The King of Thieves

He is a Long-lost Father

Hiram Played King Triton in The Little Mouse (Nixcorr26), The Little Mouse (TV Series) (Nixcorr26), The Little Mouse 2: Return to the Sea (Nixcorr26), and The Little Mouse 3: Olivia's Beginning (Nixcorr26)

He is a Sea King

Hiram played the King of Arendelle in Frozen (Nixcorr26 Animal style)

He is a King

Hiram Played Anakin Skywalker (Ghost) In Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi (BattleInfoPeace Style)

He is Spirit

Hiram played Pop Top in Ash n Brock Rescue Rangers

He is the leader of the Cola Cult

Hiram Played Shrine In Sailor Charlamange

He is Raye's Shrine

Hiram Played In The Rescue Ranger of Notre Dame

He is a



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