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Holt Farrier is the main protagonist of Dumbo (2019 film) portrayed by Colin Farrell as a former circus equestrian performer who finds his life turned upside down when he returns from World War I. He has lost his wife and his circus act, and struggles to connect with his two children, Milly and Joe. When he is asked by the circus owner to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughing stock, Holt doesn’t exactly jump at the opportunity—but his children do, which opens the door to a future bond he never saw coming. “The central human relationship in the movie parallels the elephant relationship,” says producer Justin Springer. “As this baby elephant tries to reconnect with his mother, Holt and his children are trying to put the pieces of their family back together to find a happy life.”

Holt serves as a human stand-in for Timothy Q. Mouse, filling the roles of best friend and father figure to Dumbo that Timothy filled in the original animated movie.

He got a fake arm in a box from Max Medici. He needs it in his sleeve throughout the film. He doesn't need his fake arm anymore, so he gets a robotic arm at the end of the film.

He Played Cindy Lou’s Father In How the Young Mouse Stole Christmas

He Played King Arthur in The Quest Form Camelot

He Played Vlad in Elsastasia

He Played Jock In Arry And The Bert and Arry And The Bert 2: Diesel 10’s Adventure

He is a Scottish terrier

He Played Cinderella’s Father In Arryrella

He Played Woody in Circus Story

He is a Cowboy


In BoCo (Dumbo) (2019) He is Played by Rick Blaine