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Holt Anne Richter is one of Cleveland and Donna's neighbors in Stoolbend. He has the opinion that he is a cool hipster, but he lives with his mother. He becomes Cleveland's drinking buddy at The Broken Stool, where he also converses with Lester and Tim. He works as a personal trainer at Black's Gym and drives a red Chrysler Crossfire called "Apollonia", he briefly lost it playing blackjack in "Cleveland's Angels" but got it back as it can drive through water. Holt also owns a plasma screen TV. He occasionally dates an Italian prostitute named Fabrizia, and owns a seven-thousand dollar sex doll named Kimi. His first real girlfriend was Jane, but the relationship fell through due to how abusive she was.

Holt has several hobbies, including golf. He loves baseball, proving to be a proficient pitcher on Cleveland's team in "Little Man on Campus". He is also a large film buff, having an almost encyclopedic knowledge of movies and television shows. Red Bull is one of his favorite drinks and pound cake one of his favorite foods. He has never really loved somebody, although he's dated somebody abusive, and an Italian prostitute. The thing he loves most is his $ 7,000 sex doll.

Holt will often do anything in an attempt to make himself seem cooler. This includes buying beer for middle schoolers, although even this plan backfires when they refuse to let him hang out with them.


  • According to the DVD commentary for the pilot episode, Holt replaced a British character named Barrington Pennyapple who was to be voiced by Seth MacFarlane. Holt's last name was inspired by an earthquake that struck Los Angeles during the creation of the character.
  • Holt has appeared in every episode except "A Brown Thanksgiving", "From Bed to Worse", "Our Gang", "Brotherly Love", "Brown Magic", "March Dadness", "'Tis the Cleveland to be Sorry", "A Rodent Like This", "Squirt's Honor", "Mr. and Mrs. Brown" and "Crazy Train". In "Murray Christmas" he appeared only in the special opening. In the aforementioned "Brown Magic", Jason Sudeikis provides the voice of a magician in Holt's speech pattern.
  • In "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool", Holt mentions having an uncle Wendel who was a pedophile, becoming quiet before mentioning that he also molested Jerry O'Connell.
  • In "Little Man on Campus", Holt has a tattoo of Jeremy Piven on his chest.
  • Holt was the Virginia Pee Wee division champion sheep rider from 1998-2006 in "Ain't Nothin' But Mutton Bustin'".
  • Holt says he attended Stoolbend Jr. College in "A Short Story and a Tall Tale".
  • Holt got a "tramp stamp" after getting drunk and playing "Truth-or-Dare" in "A Vas Deferens Between Men & Women"