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Butters Stotch as Kevin McCallister (both 8 years old, have blonde, kind and get into trouble by others at times)

Horace as Harry (both fat, short and attempt to steal and kill)

Jasper as Marv (both tall, skinny and attempt to steal and kill as well)

Carl Fredricksen as Old Man Marley (both old and wise)

Stephen Stotch as Peter McCallister (both fathers to Butters and Kevin)

Linda Stotch as Kate McCallister (both mothers to Butters and Kevin)

Nelson Muntz and Buzz McCallister (both cause trouble and start fights)

Joey Rooney as Jeff McCallister (both wear glasses)

Emma Ross as Megan McCallister (both teenagers and vain)

Mabel Pines as Linnie McCallister

Homer Simpson as Frank McCallister (both bald and selfish, rude and arrogant at times)

Marge Simpson as Leslie McCallister (both married to Homer and Frank)

Bethany Walker as Heather McCallister

Nicki Moore as Tracy McCallister

May as Sondra McCallister

Kim Crawford as Brooke McCallister

Bart Simpson as Fuller McCallister

Sideshow Bob as Johnny (both do bad business and kill others)

Krusty the Clown as Snakes (both rivals to Sideshow bob and Johnny)

Jim Douglas as Gus Polinski (both reliable, smart, helpful, reasonable and kind)

Jeremy Freedman as The Pizza Boy

Ms Finster as The Pigeon Lady

Uncle Jesse Duke as E.F Duncan (both old, kind, smart and help those around them)

Nigel Thronberry as Hector (I know Nigel is good and Hector is neutral but they’re both preformed by Tim Curry)

Mrs. Krabappel as Ms Stone

Cecil as Cerdic the Bellman

Daphne Blake as Carlotta

Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick as Themselves (Kevin’s Friends)

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