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A spoof of Toon Fortress 2.



Homer Simpson: Ya-da-da-da-da-da- It is good day to be not dead!

New Brian: POW! You are dead!

Homer Simpson: I am dead!

New Brian: Chuckling, while Villager is doing the conga towards the scene (New Brian says aw, shucks” as Villager gets close.)

Villager: Oh! Homer is dead!

Homer Simpson: Yes (Sandwich). I am dead!

Villager: Why is Homer dead?!

New Brian: I dunno.

Homer Simpson: I think it was-

New Brian and Villager: Shhh, you are dead!

Homer Simpson: Ok.

(Bender enters scene exiting van)

Bender: What's up, you wankers?! Who’s up for a- AH! What the- bloody hell just happened?!

New Brian and Villager: Homer is dead!

(A, B, C, or D game starts)

Bender: Homer is dead!

Villager: Correct!

(Option C lights up and celebration music starts playing)

Villager: So, did you see the murderer?

New Brian and Bender: Nah, sorry mate.

Villager: Slams hand on desk I will find him, I will capture him, and no one will ever die again!

(New Brian and Bender applause)

Bender: Ah, well that's nice.

New Brian: I am damn proud right now.

(Scrooge appears in scene)

Scrooge McDuck: Atteeeeeeeeention!

(Scrooge rushes to dead Homer)

Scrooge McDuck: That Homer is dead!

Villager: We know!

Scrooge McDuck: Who killed him?!

Villager: We don’t know!

Scrooge McDuck: I will find clues!

(Scrooge searches through pile of stuff while sniffing)

Scrooge McDuck: What's that? Grabs gun A weapon?! That thing is why Homer is dead!

New Brian, Bender, and Villager: Homer is dead?!

Scrooge McDuck: Slams hands on desk Yes, (Intense background appears) he died!

New Brian, Bender, and Villager: All shocked

(Intense background stops, showing New Brian, Bender, and Villager standing in front of a green screen)

Nurse Joy: (From far away) Incoming!

(Ambulance crashes Scrooge into a building wall, killing him.)

Nurse Joy: Exits out of Ambulance Raus, raus! Pushes New Brian, Bender, and Villager away from Homer Move now! Kisses Homer on head

(Heavenly music sounds while the light focuses on Homer)

Homer Simpson: (Rising in air) Hohoho, Hea- Explodes Oof.

Nurse Joy: In my medical opinion, that Homer is dead!

(Camera rotates to Bender)

Bender: Nurse, what happened?

Nurse Joy: My professional opinion? Slams hands on desk then turns to the right (Intense background comes in) Homer was killed!

(Intense background stops)

New Brian, Bender, and Villager: Panicking

Nurse Joy: I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Villager: Well, now what?

(Spongebob entering while doing the conga in the background)

SpongeBob Squarepants: Clipidy clop mother****er! Boom!

Villager: Says “Oh, come on.” before SpongeBob says boom

SpongeBob Squarepants: Look at this! The freaking Homer is dead! Pause What do you think of that? Pause Ahm…

Villager: Yes, yes, Spongebob.

SpongeBob Squarepants: Yea?

Villager: Go home!

(SpongeBob’s mother appears in a car telling Spongebob to get in)

SpongeBob Squarepants: Ah come on! Pffff! Freaking unbelievable seriously, you all suck.

(Car drives off and crashing noise is heard)

SpongeBob Squarepants: Screams of pain

Villager: Ok, let’s get back to the point.

Homer Simpson: Poking at his dead body I think Homer is dead.

New Brian, Bender, Villager, and Nurse Joy: Homer is dead?!

Nurse Joy: Turns around and notices dead SpongeBob in burning car Spongebob! I will heal you- Car explodes and camera goes back to Homer

Homer Simpson: Oh, Seriously?! Who killed Homer?!

(Camera shows on Donkey drinking Scrumpy)

Donkey: Slurp Slurp It was me!

New Brian, Bender, Villager, and Homer Simpson: Shocked

Donkey: Yes! Bottle of Scrumpy slides up Donkey’s body and Donkey eats the bottle I did it like this: Takes out a revolver and shoots Bender in chest Boom! Donkey flies off from force of revolver blast

Bender: Screams of pain

Donkey: Woop dee doo!

New Brian, Villager, and Homer Simpson: Are terrified seeing Bender's dead body

Donkey: Burps That’s a joke, lads.

Brian Griffin, Villager, and Homer Simpson: Starts laughing like crazy

Donkey: Slurp Slurp Burp It was… yo-... Burp Points at New Brian Him!

New Brian: Shocked How did you know?!

Donkey: I didn’t. Burps That was a joke too.

(Camera moves to New Brian, as Donkey keeps drinking faster)

Donkey: Falls on ground Oh, I’m dead.

New Brian: Manic laughter That’s right! It was me!

Villager: You monster!

Homer Simpson: But whyyyyy?

New Brian: Cause you’re fat, boy. And another thing, you’re ugly.

Villager: New Brian, stop!

New Brian and Homer Simpson: Arguing

Villager: Shrugs (Text appears saying : IT’S TRADITION)

New Brian: Ah dammit Homer **** off! You are dead.

Homer Simpson: No u, POW! Haha.

(New Brian falls dead on floor)

Homer Simpson: You are dead! Not big surprise.

Villager: Well that was idiotic. Off to hang myself! Villager doing flip on noose Watch and lea- Choking noises

Homer Simpson: I am alive! Is nice. Yes, this is stupid.