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Homer Simpson is the main character from The Simpsons.


He Played George Darling in Sonic Pan, Jack Pan and Eric Cartman Pan

He is a Father

He Played Anger in Inside Out (Littlewooden214 Style

He is a hot-tempered emotion

He Played Maurice in Beauty and the Beast (LionKingRulez Style) and Beauty and the Lion (Lord Ralphie Style)

He is a Belle's father

He Played Brock in Pokemon (Disney Human Style)

He is the Pewter City Gym Leader

He Played Humbert the Huntsman in Belldandy White and the Seven Muppets

He is Queen's servent

He Played Colonel Hathi in The Ohana Book

He is an elephant

He Played King Triton in The Little Mer-Jenny

He is a Sea King

He Played Geppetto in Bart Simpsonocchio and Bambinocchio

He is a Woodcarver

He Played The Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz (brucesmovies1 style)

He is a Scarecrow

He Played Grumpy in Anna White and the Seven Characters

He is a dwarf

He Played Fflewddur Fflam in The Black Cauldron (Princess Rapunzel Style)

He Played Friar Tuck in Jiminy Hood and Owen Hood

She is a badger

He Played Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (brucesmovies1 style)

He Played Hemidall in Minnie and Minnie:The Dark World

He Played Aladdin in Homerladdin

He is a Street Rat

He Played Mufasa in The Italian King

He is a Lion

He Played Gus in GrandLaufey Day

He Played The Narcoleptic Argentinean in Moulin Rouge(BruceMovies1 Style)

He Played The Beast in Beauty and the Simpson

He is a Beast

He Played Jim Crow in Danny (Dumbo)

He is a Crow

He Played Steve in Rita's Clues

He is a Man

He Played Bookworm in Canal Famille Story 3

He is a Worm

He Played Frankie in Futurama (PierrickCanalFamille Style)

He Played Rutt in Brother Lion (My version) and Brother Lion 2 (My Version)

He is a moose

He Played Pink House in Canal FamilleTubbies

He played James Potter in Bart Simpson (Harry Potter series)

he is Harry Potter's deceased father

He Played Caterpillar in June In Wonderland

He is a Caterpillar

He Played Olaf in Frozen (WebandPatlover)

He is a Snowman

He Played Doc in Aka White and the Seven Men

He is a dwarf

He Played Frank Bailey in Rainbow (1995) (brucesmovies1 style)

He is a Grandfather (The Magician)

He Played Jiminy Cricket in Fun and Fancy Free (Baddwing style)

He is a Cricket

He Played George Sanderson in Ohanas Inc.

He is a Monster

He Played Shrek in Homer (Shrek) (Animation13 Style) and Homer 2 (Shrek 2)

He is a Shrek

He Played Timothy's Father in Michael (Dumbo)

He is a Father Mouse

He Played The Devil in Hocus Pocus (brucemovies1 style)

He Played Dad in Bernard's Great Adventure

He is a Father

He Played Zazu in The Snowman King

He is a hornbill.

He Played the Magic Mirror in Cecilia White and the Seven Men

He is a mirror

He Played the Cisco in The Big Hit (Dragon Rockz Style)

He is a Brotherhood

He Played SkyTrain Mark I #107

He is a playable with Bradley Prouten

He Played SkyTrain Mark I #109

He is a crow's nest

He Played SkyTrain Mark I #126

He is a playable with Bradley Prouten

He Played SkyTrain Mark I #154

He is a non-playable

He played Snuffy in Snuffle Lullabye (BigSpinCoaster style)

He is a Snuffleupagus

He Played Happy in Vanellope White and the Seven Cartoons

He Played Wallace in Homer and Bart (Wallace & Gromit)

He played King Neptune in The StanleyBob GriffPants Movie

He played Hamm in Toy Story (DaveGrrrrrrruly), Toy Story 2 (DaveGrrrrrrruly), Toy Story 3 (DaveGrrrrrrruly) and Animation Story (Enconareriz-64 Style)

He is a Piggy Bank

He played Mermaid Man in Flapsy the Charcoal Crow (Spongebob Squarepants Parody)

He is a superhero

He played Yoda in Star Wars (Vinnytovar Style)

He is a Jedi Master

He played Gru in Despicable Simpson Despicable Simpson 2 and Despicable Simpson 3

He is a supervillain later hero

He played King Stefan in Sleeping Emily

He is Aurora's father