Cure White
Honoka Yukishiro is one of the main characters in Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. Her alter ego is Cure White (キュアホワイト Kyuahowaito?). Although she didn't even know she existed at first, Honoka eventually became best friends with Misumi Nagisa, admiring her for her courage and cheerful attitude. Honoka is a gentle, understanding girl who always puts others before herself. She is very smart, even being called the "The Queen of Knowledge (知識の女王 Chishiki no joō?)", "The Queen of Intelligence (知性の女王 Chisei no joō?)" or "The Queen of Wisdom (叡智の女王 Eichi no joō?)" by her classmates, and often uses this to help people. However, Honoka may also be quite strict, and when she thinks someone has not done all of their work, she'll force them to do it. She is, however, doing this because she cares. Although she is the crush of almost every boy in school, she is not interested in most of them, but she has shown to care very much for some boys, namely Fujimura Shougo, her childhood friend, and Kiriya, a new boy at school who she is helping understand people's feelings.


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