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Horneticus is a monstrous bee from Rosemary Hills in Beeware of the Bees.

Voice Actors:

  1. Charlie Alder - English



He is known for vicious, evil, cowardly, short-tempered, and grouchy.


  • (Horneticus lands before her) (Queenie: Horneticus!) You think it's over? (Queenie: No, no, no. No, I can explain--) All your little stunt did was buy them time! (Queenie: No, please! Please, Horneticus--) (Horneticus grabs Queenie by the throat.) I'll get more bees and be back next season. But, you won't! (the carnivorous plant appears above them; Horneticus looks up and notices the carnivorous plant) Well, what's this, another one of your little plant tricks? (Queenie: Yep.) Are there a bunch of little kids in this one, too? Hello, kids! [the carnivorous plant shrieks] AAAUGH! [plant jumps in front of him] AAAUGH! AAH! UNH! OOF! AAH-AAH! AAH! NO! NO! NO, NO-NO-NO! NO! AAH! AAH! AAH-AAH! AAH! NO! OH, NO! AAH! OH, NO! NO-NO-NO! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! (his last words as he is eaten alive by the carnivorous plants)