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Horton the Elephant is an elephant from Horton Hears a Who!

He played as Jeb The Goat in Home On The Gamers (2004)

He is a goat

He played as Anguirus In Wreck It Ralph (Godzilla) and Stimpy (Godzilla)

He plays Sulley in Animals Inc (CyberchaseZoneFilms Style)

He played Mr Hayes inSailor Moon (King Kong 2005)

He played Adult Bambi in Dumbo (Bambi)

He is a stag

He played in Lumpy a.k.a Dumbo

He played Dim in A Cartoon Character's Life

He is a rhino beetle

He Played The Sultan in Babarladdin the Elephant

He played Crush in Finding Tails

He is a sea turtle

He played Wreck-It Ralph in Wreck-It Horton

He is a video game villain

He played Louis in The Goth Princess and the Sponge

He is an alligator

He played Burned Ragdoll in Canal Famille Story

He is a burned rag doll

He played Horse in Canal Famille Planet

He is a horse

He played Buzz Lightyear in Elephant Story

He is a space ranger

He played Kuzco (Whale) in The Robot Boy's New Groove

He is a whale

He Plays Sulley in Jungle Animals, Inc. (TomandJerryFan36 Version)

He is a blue monster

He played Iago in Tomladdin

He is a parrot

He Played Elephant Abu in Kronkladdin,Eggsladdin, AiAiladdin, Percyladdin and Rikuladdin

He is a Abu's elephant form

He played Bear in Horton in the Big Blue House

He is a bear

He played Khan in Ritalan

He is a horse

He played Joshua in The Little Classic Boy

He is a camel

He played Vitaly the Tiger in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (EmmetLovesAnimalsStyle)

He is a tiger

He played Woog the Triceratops in in We're Back! An Animal's Story (1993)

He is a Blue Triceratops

He played adult Spirit in Horton: Elephant of the Jungle (2002)