"How Declassified You Really Are" is a song by the Fourscore Plus 1—Johnny, Kovu, Shing Armor, and Agent  


Classified—as well as Polar Solar and Princess Luna. It focuses on Classified's love for Luna in Sophisticatedly Declassified. 


Verse 1: 

Shining Armor: Oh, the blossoms keep falling from the apple trees, 

Spreading beauty all over the ground 

Kovu: These moments, you say, are for the sensitive 

Who know how long that they will be around 

Johnny: Yeah, you feel that males were made to be tough 

Polar: And it's hard to disagree with what you say 

Luna: But if alphas are so macho, how come you're so sweet 

Because I'm always keeping, always rereading 

All those cute and lengthy love letters you send my way 

First Chorus: 

Johnny: Every single gush, all those times you blushed 

How declassified you really are 

Kovu: All those lovesick looks, the midnight walks that you took 

How declassified you really are 

Shining: Man, it drives me wild, your attempts not to smile 

Polar: And to think that every single one has failed thus far 

Luna: And I still have the rose that hit you right on the nose 

How declassified, Classifed, you really are  

Oh, how declassified you really are 

Verse 2: 

Johnny: That's right, tell him. 

All: You're liking love songs, love poems, love stories and movies 

Shared with you by everyone you know 

Classified: Yeah, so? 

All: You've uploaded some of your own on your channel 

Polar: And thousands have subscribed though they were posted days ago 

Luna: And don't try to tell me those Valentine's chocolates were never significant to me 

Kovu: (whisperred) And I just can't believe you still have that ring well hidden 

Shining: But I have high hopes that on the day you propose 

It will be under the moonlight near a shining sea 

Second Chorus: 

Johnny: Dude, your playlists are crammed with every romantic jam 

How declassified you really are 

Kovu: You're been training your howl; nighttime you're out on the prowl 

Jeez, how declassified you really are 

Classified: Wait, you knew that?! 

Shining: You're both sweating at the gym, and that just can't be a whim 

Because you never looked as muscular as you now are 

Luna: It's so we both can grow strong, which just proves all along 

How declassified you really are 


Shining: With glittery hearts and unicorns (Polar: Yes!) 

Johnny And pictures of you two on a date 

Kovu: Now tell me, in what alternate reality 

All: Might that possibly be a mistake? 

Luna: And by the way, I like your pseudonym, but I know it's you, pal 

I liked calling you "Alpha" anyway 

Classified: Wait...really?  

Luna: Yeah! And I honestly don't mind that you "don't" have a navel 

Luna and Classified: Because whether near or far, I'll love you just as you are 

And I hope we can "tie the knot" someday 

Third Chorus 

Johnny: There's no reason to doubt, because we've figured out 

How declassified you really are 

Luna: Your passion is sincere, so it's readily clear 

How declassified you really are 

Polar: And of the billions of furries you could choose from in no hurry 

Shining: Luna is the one you said would be your shooting star 

Kovu: Now I know you'll protest, but there's no need to profess 

Classified: Heh, tell me about it. 

All: How declassified, Classified... 

Classified: I really am. 

Kovu: Yes, you really are. 

Ending (5x): 

How declassified you really are (3x) 


This is a parody of "Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me" by "Weird Al" Yankovic.  

  • This is the first Phase Awesomeness song to be based on love, specifically between two individuals.  

  • It's also the first song in which Princess Luna appears, alongside the Fourscore (plus 1).  

  • Classified actually doesn't come in until near the end of the song, as this song is technically about him and Luna.  

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