How to Train Your Yellowstone Animal: The Hidden World

HTTYYATHW Poster.png

NatureRules1's movie spoof of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World


  • Dipper Pines (GF) as Hiccup
  • Pacifica Northwest (GF) as Astrid
  • Carla Hotpants McCorkleas (GF) as Valka
  • Grizzly Bear as Toothless
  • Grizzly Bear as Light Fury
  • Bald Eagle as Cloudjumper
  • Darrel (WBB) as Eret
  • Marco Diaz (SVTFOE) as Snotlout
  • Steven Universe and Amethyst (SU) as Tuffnut and Rufftnut
  • Leo (LE) as Fishlegs
  • Northwestern Wolf as Stormfly
  • American Black Bear as Hookfang
  • American Bison as Meatlug
  • Moose as Barf and Belch
  • ??? as Terrible Terror
  • ??? as Grimmel the Grisly
  • ??? as Griselda the Grievous
  • ??? as Ragnar the Rock
  • ??? as Chaghatai Khan
  • ??? as Ivar the Witless
  • ??? as Grimmel's Deathgrippers
  • ??? and ??? as Hiccup and Astrid's Children
  • Grizzly Bear Cubs as Toothless and Light Fury's Children
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