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Hubie is a penguin from The Pebble and the Penguin.

Hubie played as Jeremy in The Secret of NIMH (Uranimated18 Version)

He is a crow

Hubie played Bladebeak in Quest for Camelot (Davidchannel's Version)

He is a chicken

Hubie Played Benny in Perdita The Explorer and Aspen The Explorer

He is a Bull

Hubie played as Zazu in The Elephant King

He is a hornbill

Hubie played as Shrek in Hubie (Shrek)

He is an ogre

Hubie played as Mickey Mouse in Hubie (Mickey Mouse)

He is a mouse

Hubie played as Donald Duck in Fievel, Hubie, and Tiger: The Three Musketeers

He is a musketeer

Hubie played as Alvin Seville in Hubie and the Penguins (1983)

He is a chipmunk

Hubie Played As Molt In A Knights Life

He Is An Grasshopper

Hubie played as The Cat in the Hat in The Penguin in the Hat (2003)

He is a cat

Hubie played as Peter Pan in Hubie Pan and Hubie Pan 2: Return to Neverland

He is a boy from Neverland

Hubie Played As Leslie Barnes In Cat Hard 2 Cat Harder (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He Is A Airport Tower

Hubie played as Scuttle in The Little Ragdoll

He is a seagull

Hubie played as Luke in The Rescuers (HappyEnding912 Style)

He is a drunken mouse

Hubie played as Trixie Uecker in Homeward Bound 2 Lost in the City (NimbusKidsMovies Version)

Hubie played as Woody in Critter StoryCritter Story 2 and Critter Story 3

He is a cowboy toy

Hubie played as Tramp in Marina and the Hubie (Lady and the Tramp)

He is a dog

Hubie played as Timon in The Human King (HappyEnding912 Style)

He is a meerkat

Hubie played as R2-D2 in Star Wars (PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz Style)

Hubie played as Adult Simba in The Penguin King

He is a lion

Hubie played as Pablo the Penguin in The Three Caballeros (HarryDR19 Style)

He is a penguin

Hubie played as Iago the Parrot in Snoopyladdin

He is a parrot

Hubie played Horton in Hubie Hears a Hedgehog!

Hubie played as Squawk in Oscar and Elmo: The Movie

Hubie played as Diego in Go! Hubie Go!, and Marina The Explorer

He is an Animal Rescuer

Hubie played as Mailbox in Fifi's Clues

He is a Mailbox

Hubie with Rocko played as Tuck and Roll in A Cartoon Character's Life (Uranimated18 Version)

Hubie played as Winnie the Pooh in Animated All-Stars to the Rescue (Uranimated18 Version)

Hubie played as Darien Chiba in Sailor Marina

Hubie played as Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach (400Movies Style)

He played Poindexter in Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie

He played Map in Petunia Rhubarb The Explorer

He played Benny the Bull in Geraldine the Explorer

He played Sonic in Hubie Boom

He played Dora in Hubie the Explorer

He played Frosty in Hubie the Penguin (Frosty the Snowman)

He played Pablo in Penny The Explorer and Penny And Friends: Into the City

He played Mario in Super Hubie Bros. Series

He is an Italian plumber

He played Boots the Monkey in Mary Poppins The Explorer

He will play Cody Maverick in an upcoming Surf's Up parody

He will play Prince Cornelius in an upcoming Thumbelina parody

He will play Fievel Mousekewitz in an upcoming An American Tail parody

He will play Itchy Itchiford in an upcoming All Dogs Go to Heaven parody

He will play Stubbs the Clown in an upcoming We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story parody

He will play Ooblar in an upcoming Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius parody

He will play Chilly Willy in an upcoming The New Woody Woodpecker Show parody