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Background information
Feature films
Television films
Direct-to-video films "Little Bear's Huge Movie"
Short films
Television programs Little Bear
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jennifer Hale
Performance model
Inspiration Little Bear
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Huge Bear II
Other names
Personality Happy, friendly, playful, fun, energetic, timid, brave, mischievous, innocent, kind, horny, slutty, sexy
Appearance Brown grizzly bear cub, his dark brown fur, brown eyes, little hands and feet, which have small brown claws, little puffy tail, padded hands and feet
Occupation Little Bear's sidekick
Home Bear Mountain
Relatives * Huge Mother Bear Template:Mother
  • Huge Father Bear Template:Father
Allies Little Bear, Emily, No Feet, Duck, Cat, Owl, Hen, Mitzi, Sister Bear, Cub, Granny, Tutu, Moose, Mermaid, Uncle Rusty, Marshmallow, Lucy, Frog, Otters (sometimes), Cub's parents, Poppy and Pete, Little Moose, Mother Moose, Mr. Skunk, Mrs. Skunk, Icky, Ducklings, Bugs, Sea Monster, Porcupine, Moon, Sister Bear, Lizzy Bruin, Cousin Freddy
Likes Playing games, making friends, honey, dancing, swimming, her booty, his stuffed bunny Bunty, swimming, taking naps
Dislikes Getting into trouble, scary stuff, being trapped, being called "monster-bear"
Powers and abilities
Quote "I'm Huge. Huge the Giant Bear."

Huge is the giant mountain bear and the version Little Bear when he dreamed that he was bigger from the episode of the main character TV show.


Little Bear's Huge Movie

Little Bear joins the bear-monster-hunting expedition without his mom's knowledge, and ended up scaring Huge and captured him. Little Bear soon discovered that none of the scary things Duck and the others had told him about bear-monsters were true. The two became fast friends and were seen celebrating their friendship in the song "Shoulder to Shoulder," in which Huge finally "uncaptured" himself. Huge begins to miss her parents and Little Bear decides to help her find them by going to the rest of the gang for help.

When Huge and Little Bear went to meet the gang, everyone (except Mother Bear and Father Bear) thought she was a dangerous monster (despite being clearly harmless) and trapped her in a cage, causing the young giant-bear to lose her trust in Little Bear, as Little Bear had promised that his friends wouldn’t be mean or scary. When the gang leaves, Little Bear goes back and frees Huge, regaining his trust. Little Bear's gang then capture Huge again and trap her in a net. Huge starts crying, but Duck and her friends don't care, their prejudice against Huge blinds them from his feelings. Little Bear starts to tell them that Huge's not dangerous after all and the gang realizes what they have done. Duck, Owl, Cat, and Hen free Huge and apologize for everything.

Just then, Little Bear is trapped under some wood. Huge calls for her parents and with her help, the gang frees Little Bear. Huge and Little Bear decide to continue playing for the rest of the day. In the credits, Huge and the rest of the giant-bears are having fun with the citizens of the forest, including Emily.

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