• Horrid Henry welcomes the Viewer while David and Barney comment on the damage of the Park. His Caboose is still there
  • Moody Margret sees a Feather and it is a Kid's
  • Among the Equitment, Luci notices Franklin with a Raincoat and Pinwheel and Goggles preparing for another Hurricane
  • Moody Margret, Aline, and Horrid Henry invite Barney to stay for the Night
  • At Horrid Henry and Moody Margret's dinner table, Barney remembers when Charlie Brown slept over at the Caboose and sang him a Lullaby
  • At Bedtime, Barney remembers when a Baby Bird hatched when Horrid Henry sat on it
  • As Horrid Henry and Moody Margret. For Barney, Aline sings "Good Ole Days of the Park" while she decides to sleep with him, with More Memories. They Drift Right off to sleep
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