Hutch is a character in Alpha & Omega. He is the husband of Claws, the Beta of Winston, the partner of Candu and the partner-in-law of Scar.


As Guard in The Wolf's New Groove

He is a one good guard who throw the old man out the window

As Yodel in Snow Dogs (Brermeerkat Style)

He is the sled dog

As The Caption of the Guard in Tangled (youknowhatmoviesucks)

He is the Caption of the Guard

As Thorin Oakenshield in The Wolf: The Prelude to The Lord of The Rings

He is a dwarf

As Rama In The Forest Book (TheFoxPrince11)

He is a wolf

As Captain Phoebus in Kingdom Hearts (youknowhatmoviesucks)

He is the the captian from the hunchback of notre dome

As the ant guard in The Wolf Bully

He is an ant "Who said (Parays the mother.)



Tangled (youknowhatmoviesucks)- Hutch played by The Caption of the Guard


  • Leader - Winston and Eve
  • Future Leaders - Kate, Lilly, Humphrey and Garth
  • Wife - Claws
  • Partner - Candu
  • Leader in Law - Tony
  • Partner in Law - Scar
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