AlexBratteRockz's Spoof of "I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown".



Having seen the relationship between Frosty and Benny, Little Bill is desperate for a Snowman of his own for Christmas. He asks Santa Claus for a Snowman. Unfortunately, his mother and older sister, June do not believe that he is old enough to care for a dog. Frustrated, Little Bill asks Benny if he can play with Frosty. While initially cooperative, Frosty quickly tires of Little Bill's idea of fun and games, and after a while Frosty begins to snub Little Bill.

At Little Bill's request, Frosty asks his brother Eeyore to leave his home in the desert near Needles, California and come to visit. When Eeyore arrives, June is appalled at his skinny figure and takes him in to fatten him up. After a short stay, Eeyore gains significant weight, which he then loses from fear while riding with Little Bill on his mother's bike. Because Little Bill's mother still will not allow Little Bill to have his own dog, Benny tries to find another home for Eeyore but to no avail, prompting Eeyore to return to his desert home.

Little Bill asks Benny if Frosty can come out and pull him on his sled. Little Bill finds himself pulling Frosty on the sled instead, which makes him come to the conclusion that dogs can be troublesome.

Benny breaks the fourth wall at the end of the special by saying, "I always lie awake wondering, when will it all end? Then a voice tells me, 'Right after the credits.'"

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