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Ice Bear is a polar bear from We Bare Bears.


He played Wanuug in The Wild Cartoonberries (Cartoon Network Style)

He is a polar bear

He portrayed Mike McShane and a sub-director in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

  • S6E01 Glory Days, a famous football player known as "Bad Moon" which he was been beaten to death by his known adoptive fatherand supposedly motivational coach Steve Pratt (portrayed by Ralph) using an iron bar. His ghost will be seen by his longtime best friend Tom Bernard (portrayed by Nom Nom (1973) and his fellow polar bear kind Bernard The Polar Bear (2008) respectively).
    • Like his big brother Panda Bear, his role is unusual since he wasn't talk too much, but he needs to since it was important to his role he's portraying to.
  • He was the writer, assistant producer and sub-director for the 14th episode of the 5th season entitled Andy In C Minor, where his brother Panda Bear portrayed the deaf and mute Andy Rierdan as the main victim.

He played Frosty the Snowman (along with Polar Bear as an extra) in Ice Bear the Polar Bear

  • He is a snowman