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The graceful impala (Aepyceros melampus) is a noisy antelope renowned for its agile leaps. It has reddish-brown upperparts becoming paler on the sides. The underparts, belly, throat and chin are white, as is the tail, which has a thin, black line down its centre. A black line also extends down each buttock. At the back of the hind leg, just above the hoof, is a characteristic tuft of black hair, which covers the fetlock gland. A high kick sends out a puff of scent from the gland, which is thought to be used to lay trails and help regroup herds. Males have lyre-shaped horns, up to 0.7 meters long and deeply ringed for most of their length. Two subspecies of the impala are recognised, based on morphological and genetic differences. At certain times of the year, guttural roars followed by a series of snorts can be heard as the males advertise their territories.

Impala Subspecies