• Grumpy Bear: You know what I've realized? Petunia hasn't had lunch. Remember?
  • (Pizza Parlor Scene)
  • Petunia: Hey, I saw a pizza place down the street. Maybe we could try that.
  • Jane Read: Pizza sounds delicious.
  • Fred Figglehorn: Pizza?
  • Bright Heart Raccoon: Yes. Pizza.
  • Flap the Platypus: That's good.
  • Jane Read: One order of pizza, please.
  • (Broccoli Scene)
  • Fred Figglehorn: What the heck is that?!
  • Grumpy Bear: Who put broccoli on pizza?!
  • Bright Heart Raccoon: That's it. I'm done.
  • Flap the Platypus: Congratulations, San Francisco! You've ruined pizza! First the Hawaiians, and now you.
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