Inside Out (Nelvana and Looney Tunes Digital Resource Style)
Nelvana and Looney Tunes Digital Resource' upcoming movie spoof of "Inside Out".


  • Riley - Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • New Born Riley - Baby Tarzan (Tarzan)
  • 3 Year Old Riley - Baby Hugs Bear (The Care Bears Family)
  • Joy - Bright Heart Raccoon (The Care Bears Family)
  • Sadness - Pepe Le Pew (Looney Tunes)
  • Anger - Bert (Sesame Street)
  • Disgust - Heather (Total Drama)
  • Fear - Beastly (The Care Bears Family)
  • Riley's Parents - Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • Mrs. Anderson's Emotion - Proud Heart Cat, Gentle Heart Lamb, Treat Heart Pig (The Care Bears Family), Margaret Wade and Gina Gillotti (Dennis the Menace)
  • Mr. Anderson's Emotion - Funshine Bear, Loyal Heart Dog, Good Luck Bear, Brave Heart Lion (The Care Bears Family) and Lowly Worm (The Busy World of Richard Scarry)
  • Bing Bong - Eugene H. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Rainbow Unicorn - Unikitty (The Lego Movie)
  • Jangles the Clown - Bowser (Super Mario Bros)
  • Jangles the Clown (Human) - Bowser Jr. (Super Mario Bros)
  • Jangles's Emotions - Krusty the Clown (The Simpsons), Kyle Broflovski (South Park), Tweedledee, Tweedledum (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1985) and Binky the Clown (Garfield and Friends)
  • Meg - Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)
  • 3 Year Old Meg - Baby Tugs Bear (The Care Bears Family)
  • Cool Girl - Daisy Duck (Disney's Mickey Mouse)
  • Cool Girl's Friends - Kristen and Kristen (6teen)
  • Cool Girl's Emotions - Harmony Bear, Share Bear (The Care Bears Family), Sherri, Terri (The Simpsons) and Kira Finster (Rugrats)
  • Teacher - Ms. Keane (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Teacher's Emotions - Friend Bear, Grams Bear, Secret Bear (The Care Bears Family), Betty DeVille (Rugrats) and Linda (Rio and Rio 2)
  • Bobby and Paula (The Forgetters) - Heckle and Jeckle
  • Jordan - Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)
  • Jordan's Emotions - Elmo, Ernie, Grover, Oscar the Grouch (Sesame Street) and Stretch (Rock & Rule)



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