Iris (Japanese: アイリス Iris) is an aspiring Dragon Master and a former traveling companion of Ash who debuted in In the Shadow of Zekrom!, and she's a Pokémon trainer and a good friend of Kids World's, and Blake Foster also met Dawn's other friends Pikachu, Ash, Togepi and Brock. They first met Ash in Blake Foster's Adventures of Pokémon: The First Movie, and since then he has appeared in Kids World's future adventures as a guest character. His prowess in Pokémon Training and his courage have saved the day countless times, especially with his best friend, Pikachu.

Voice Actors:

  1. Eileen Stevens - English
  2. Cherami Leigh (Generations) - English
  3. Aoi Yuuki - Japanese
  4. Susana Moreno - Spanish

Iris played Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls (1701Movies Human Style)

Iris played Numbuh 5 in Codename: Pokemon Trainers Next Door

Iris Played Sailor Mars In Sailor Misty



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