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Isabella is a Sentinel steam lorry, who works for the Sodor Construction Company.


Thomas & Friends

Isabella once had to deliver a piano, but she lost control and ended up dangling over of the side of a retaining wall next to the railway line. Kelly had to rescue her. Once, Isabella had to collect diesel fuel for the other machines when they all ran out.


Isabella is a hard worker, but does not like getting dirty. She can also be rather cheeky and temperamental.

Technical Details


Isabella is based on a Sentinel DG4 steam lorry, fitted with a flatbed. Elizabeth is another member of this class.


Isabella is painted yellow with red lining. She has the number "22" painted on her sides in red. Template:Clear


Thoma & Friends

  • Season 6 - Jack Jumps In and A Friend in Need
  • Jack and the Sodor Construction Company - A Visit from Thomas (cameo), Percy's Scary Tale, Kelly's Windy Day, Thomas and the Moles, and Mud Glorious Mud

Isabella had a role in the cancelled episodes, The Importance of Being Patrick, Jack and the Quack, Pop Goes the Diesel, Alfie Has a Secret, Isabella Gets Steamed, Jack and Alfie Swap and Bossy Byron.

Music Videos

  • The Work Song and One Friendly Family


  • 2006 - Jack
  • 2011 - Jack the Front Loader and The Big Book of Engines (mentioned)
  • 2015 - Thomas' New Friend

Video Games

  • 2008 - Begins Educational Learning
  • 2017 - Read and Play!

Voice Actors

  • Yuka Shioyama (Japan)


  • In some promotional sketches of the Pack, Isabella is seen with a yellow four wheel trailer, which is not present in the show. However, this is present with her Wooden Railway toy.
  • Three of Isabella's faces were preserved by the Top Props preservation group.
  • Isabella is the only female member of the Pack, although Ned was referred to as a female in the Italian dub.



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