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It's Tough to Be a Female! is a 9-minute-long 3D film based on the 1999 Columbia film The Female's World, using theater lighting, 3-D filming techniques, audio-animatronics and various special effects. May, a ant from The Female's World, hosts the show and educates the audience on why bugs should be considered friends. It was opened on December 18, 1999.


The lobby music overture consists of insect renditions of Broadway musical numbers. The doors close, and the announcer tells the audience not to buzz, sting, pollinate or chirp during the show. May the girl, in audio-animatronic form from the ceiling, welcomes the audience and tells them to put on their person eyes (3D glasses). The show begins with workers formed as curtains flying away. The title card, a leaf that says "It's tough to be a female!", appears. Then, jungle music begins to play, and a pretty woman named Rose makes her appearance, surprising May. A pair of acorn weevils, along with Susan, place a slingshot on the stage and launch acorns from it (which triggers hidden air cannons in the back of the seats). Rose shoots the first acorn with a quill but fails to shoot the second due to Susan holding on to it. Susan then taunts Rose, who chases after her. The next guest is a soldier termite who defends his mound by spraying intruders with acid. A piece of the set (wood) falls with a rumble and Miranda steps out. The woman shoots at a taunting apple picking woman. Sensing more intruders, the woman shoots at the audience (which triggers hidden water sprayers in the back of the seats), despite May's protests, until he runs out of acid and leaves, saying that he will be back. May next introduces a stink bug named Claire de Room, who walks onto the stage. The acorn weevils place a flower as a target. Weevil re-enters the scene and crashes into the flower, causing it to move towards the audience. Claire then passes gas, which affects and disgusts both Weevil and the audience (which triggers hidden smell cannons in the theater).

An explosion is heard as Nefaria, a bully, in audio-animatronic form, appears. She has a stag person chase May off the stage and four wasps hold up an ad for "Knock 'em Dead" exterminators. The wasps turn over the ad and uses it as a makeshift movie screen to show movie clips from old monster movies featuring giant females. Nefaria thinks that it's time for humans to have a taste of their own medicine, and a giant fly swatter attempts to flatten the audience. The screen goes black as a hand appears with a can of bug spray. Hornets sting the audience (which triggers hidden pokers as well as leg ticklers in the back of the seats), and several black widow spiders go up and down, trying to capture and scare the audience. Nefaria, now on screen, says that nothing can stop her, but a chameleon appears and tries to eat him. Nefaria, who is scared of the chameleon, flees.

May reappears and says that he forgot to mention the reptiles, which segues into the finale. Bees, dung beetles (The Dung Brothers), dragonflies and other bugs sing about how insects help humans and about how "it's tough to be a bug". Weevil returns, holding a moldy cupcake, and the bugs chase him. The butterflies come back to form as curtains and May, back in audio-animatronic form, wraps things up, saying that magnifying glasses are for looking at little things, not for burning little things, and the show ends. The bugs start to talk all at once as they exit (which triggers hidden rubber wheels to roll at the bottom of the seats). The announcer then tells the audience to gather up their personal belongings and take their "small grubs" by their "grubby little hands" as they exit.