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J'Bula the Lion is one of the main antagonists in the upcoming FOX series, Animal World


  • J'Bula has golden-brown yellow fur, a dark brown mane and sharp claws, like lions in real life. He has a scar over his eyes, and torn up ears. Like most dominant male lions. He is based on a Masai lion.


  • J'Bula is a grouchy, sarcastic king, infact: he disrespects all the animals as his new leader, J'Bula can roar louder than everyone else can. He's also satanic and very unfriendly.


  • J'Bula is a very mean king and unhelpfull to the other animals. But lions are usally helpfull to most other animals in real life.
  • J'Bula is voiced by Jermony Iorns, who voiced Scar in the oringinal Lion King film.



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