Profile - Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a teenage hellion who enjoys creating mischief and has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations; he just wants to use his staff to spread his winter magic for the sake of fun, but also wants to be believed in. At the end of the film, Jack became the Guardian of Fun. While he cannot fly, per se, he can be carried on currents of wind, allowing him to span great distances.

He plays Romeo in Jack & Elsa: Frozen with a Kiss

He plays Jack DeWitt in Titanic (150 Movies Style)

He plays Ling in Frankielan

He is a soldier

He plays Espio The chameleon in Ariel The Mermaid (Sonic the Hedgehog)

He is a Chameleon

He plays Crane in Kung Fu Godzilla, and Kung Fu Godzilla 2

He is a crane

He plays Lightning McQueen in Toons (Cars) (Justin Bonesteel Style)

He Is A Car

He plays Aladdin in Jackladdin

He plays Hercules in Jackules

He plays Sonic the Hedgehog in Jack Frost the Guardian (SatAM)

He plays Wart in The Sword in the Stone (Lord Ralphie Style)

He is a knight

He plays Jonathan in Hotel Transylvania (JimmyandFriends Style)

He is a human

He plays Cassim in Charlie Brownladdin III: The King of Thieves (CharlieBrownandSci-TwiFans Style)

He plays Gnomeo in Jack Frost & Elsa (Gnomeo & Juliet)

He Plays James Rogers Captain America In Next Guardians Heroes Of Tomorrow

He plays Homer Simpson in The Simpsons (TBSC Style), The Simpsons Movie (TBSC Style),

He is a simpson

He plays Adult Bambi in Jamie (Bambi)

He is a deer

He plays Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty (Human Style)

He is a prince

He plays Adult Simba in The Guardian King, The Guardian King 2, The Guardian King 3 and The Guardian Guard: TV movie

He is a lion

He plays Adult Hercules in Jackcules

He is a god greek of olympus

He plays Adult Tarzan in Jackzan Frost

He is a jungle man

He plays Buttercup in Super All-Star Story 3 and Super All-Star Story 4

He is a unicorn


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