I'm just doing this because Jaiden Animations put Pewdiepie's chair in YouTube Rewind 2018 and saved YouTube from going bankrupt and out of business. 


  • Jaiden Animations as Fa Mulan 
  • Pewdiepie as Li Shang 
  • Bhushan (T-Series CEO) as Shan Yu 
  • T-Series employees as the Huns 
  • Markiplier as Mushu 
  • Jacksepticeye as Cri-Kee 
  • Mr Beast as Khan 
  • Grandayy as Chien-Po 
  • FlyingKitty as Yao 
  • Dolan Dark as Ling 
  • MaximilianMus as Chi-Fu 
  • Marshmello as Hayabusa 
  • TheOdd1sOut as Fa Zhou
  • Shgurr as Fa Li 
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