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Jake the Polar Bear is a co-host of The Animal Show. He is a wise old polar bear with glasses and a bowtie. In interviews, Jake often asks the clever questions.

His best friend and co-host is Stinky the Skunk, a young skunk who still has a lot to learn.

He is also a guest himself on one episode of the show, where he tells Stinky all about polar bears, how they live, and how they look for food. He even shows Stinky footage of himself when he was just a cub. He even sings a song called "Jake's Song."

Jake played Benny the Bull in Cupid The Explorer

He is a blue bull

Jake played Mr. Big in Zootopia (GavenLovesAnimals Style)

He is an arctic shrew

Jake played Perch Perkins in The StanleyBob GriffPants Movie

He is a fish reporter


  • Hometown: The Arctic Circle
  • Age: 7 years old (polar bear age)
  • Personality: Jovial host of "The Animal Show".
  • Appearance: White polar bear with pads underneath his paws. He has a black nose. He wears a red bowtie and glasses.
  • Occupation: Host of "The Animal Show."
  • Goal: Learn about animals from various species.
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Good
  • Family: Mrs. Polar Bear (mom), Timble (brother), Lorenzo (brother), Bunnie Bear (cousin), Vernon the Grizzly Bear (cousin), Sam the Black Bear (cousin), Will the Black Bear (cousin)
  • Friends: Stinky the Skunk, Armstrong the Chicken Hawk, Ollie the Tapir, Bunnie Bear, Yves St. La Roach, Tizzy the Bee, Rhonda Rat, Dullard the Aardvark, Lawrence the Orangutan, Bubba the Walrus (neighbor), Zack the Arctic Fox (neighbor)
  • Enemies: Ernie the Mongoose (formerly)
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
  • Powers and Abilities:
  • Animal Award Winner for: Best Ice Skater

Voice Actor

  • Steve Whitmire


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