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James Hiller is a main protagonist from Liberty Kids. he is a 14-year-old teenage apprentice journalist working for Benjamin Franklin. He is a patriot and writes about the War for American Independence to "tell the people what is really happening."


James was orphaned at a very young age due to a fire caused by a lightning strike on his childhood home. He was pulled out of the fire by a neighbor just as the building collapsed. James lived on the streets for most of his early childhood, a part of his life he rarely discusses. James comes to learn of Benjamin Franklin's invention of the lightning rod and searches for this impressive, skillful man. Admiring Franklin immediately, James desires to replicate Ben, becoming an apprentice at The Pennsylvania Gazett.


James is headstrong, steadfast in his beliefs, and sometimes stubborn. He is not afraid to risk his life for a cause he is passionate about, speak his mind, volunteer for a dangerous mission, or to help someone in need as shown in Midnight Ride and The Turtle. Despite his reckless tendencies, James tries hard to be responsible, is brave and selfless, and cares very deeply for his friends.