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James is a red, mixed-traffic tender engine in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Voice Actors

UK version

  • Keith Wickham (2009-2017 TV Series)

US version

  • Kerry Shale (2010-2011 TV Series)

US/UK version

  • Rob Rackstraw (UK; 2017-2021 - US; 2015-2020)

Others version

  • Susan Roman (2000)
    Michael Angelis (2000; Workprints)

James the Red Engine Played Casey Jr. in Cody (Dumbo)

He is a steam engine

James the Red Engine played Rabbit in The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine (Meta527II Style)

James the Red Engine played as Bart Simpson in The Simpsons

He is a Kid

James the Red Engine Played Earl Devereaux in Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

He is a Police Man

James the Red Engine Played Megamind in MegaJames

He is a alien

James the Red Engine Played Lumiere in Beauty and The Tank Engine

He is a Candlebra

James the Red Engine Played Benson in Regular Show (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

James the Red Engine Played Tito in Josh and Company

He is a Chihuahua

James The Red Engine Played Good Cop in The Toon Movie (TongueSpeakingFool Style)

James the Red Engine Played Blinky in Thomas and the Ghostly Adventures

He is a ghost

He plays The Musician in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

He is Rayman's brother.

James the Red Engine Played Basil of Baker Street in The Great James Detective (Daniel Pineda's Style)

He is a mouse.

James The Red Engine Played Talking Tom in Talking James And Friends

He is a Cat.

James plays Squidward in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (ProMasterepic's style),The Spongebob Movie 2: Sponge out of Water (ProMasterepic's style) and The Spongebob Movie 3: Sponge on the Run (ProMasterepic's style)


  • Thomas the Tank Engine (cousin), Edward the Blue Engine (uncle) Henry the Green Engine (uncle) 
  • Gordon the Big Engine (uncle), Percy the Small Engine (cousin), Toby the Tram Engine 
  • Duck the Great Western Engine, Donald and Douglas the Scottish Twin Engines, Oliver the Great Western Engine, Emily the Beautiful Engine (aunt), Murdoch the Strong Engine (uncle), Arthur the LMS Tank Engine 
  • Spencer the Silver Engine (sometimes), Mavis the Quarry Diesel, Daisy, BoCo the Metropolitan Vickers Diesel,
  • Bill and Ben the Saddle Tank Engine Twins (good friends and pals), Fergus the Railway Traction Engine
  •  Annie and Clarabel, Old Slow Coach, Stanley, Stepney (son), Bertie (father), Terence, Butch
  •  Trevor the Traction Engine, Caroline, Harold, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, Duncan, Duke, Freddie, Mighty Mac, Luke, Bertram, Ivo Hugh, Molly the Yellow Engine (wonderful friend), Rosie
  •  Lady (beautiful magical friend), Belle (beautiful friend), Millie, Stephen
  •  Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand the Logging Locos, Hiro, Flynn, Connor, Caitlin, Stafford, Winston the Red Car, Victor, Kevin the Crane, Dennis, Charlie the Purple Engine, Billy, Salty, Porter, Harvey, Elizabeth (sometimes), Cranky (sometimes), Jack, Alfie, Oliver the Excavator, Kelly, Ned, Buster the Steam Roller, Nelson, Paxton, Neville, Captain, Owen, Merrick, Hank, Flora, Pip and Emma, Jinty and Pug, Green Arrow, Iron Duke, Wilbert, City of Truro
  • Enemies: Devious Diesel, Harry and Bert, Daisy (formerly), Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge, Stanley (formerly), Spencer (sometimes), Elizabeth (sometimes), Cranky (sometimes), Bulgy, George, Max and Monty,Den, Dart, Norman, Paxton (only in Day of the Diesels), Sidney, D261, The Horrid Lorries, S. C. Ruffey, Troublesome Trucks

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