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Jane Porter is Tarzan's mate

Jane played Alana in The Little British Girl

Jane played Hera In Taranules

Jane played Ursula In Tarzan of the Jungle, Tarzan of the Jungle 2 and Tarzan of the Jungle (TV Series)

Jane played Anastasia/Anya In Janestasia

Jane played Barbara in Finding Tod

Jane played Tanana in Brother Dog (Dragon Rockz Style)

Jane played Client from Hamsted in The Great Rabbit Detective

Jane played Chel in The Road To Notre Dame (seansiq Style)

Jane played Belle in Beauty and the Demigod

Jane will play Mrs. Sawyer in Disney's Heathers

She is Veronica's mother

Jane will play Sharon Nobury in Mean Girls (RoseRed12393)

She is a math teacher

She played Sarabi in The Master King

Jane Porter is first seen with the infant Geppetto at Geppetto's presentation and watches as the sunshine down upon the new prince and illuminates the kingdom. She later makes an appearance when an excited Geppetto awakens his parents before dawn. She wryly tells Tarzan that his son is awake, while Tarzan responds that Geppetto is Jane's son before sunrise. She then watches with a smile on her face as Gerppetto is led to the summit of Pride Rock by his father to be shown his future.

Jane Porter appears to be friends with Elsa, Tweed's mother, as her next appearance is with them, sleeping on a rock when Geppetto arrives to convince Tweed to accompany him to an elephant graveyard that his uncle told him about, but waking up and snatching her son before he can escape from his bath. She is shown to be quite intuitive. Knowing that her son is possibly up to mischief when Geppetto and Tweed want to go to the "waterhole," she sends Mac Foster along with them to keep watch for any danger.

Later, Chernabog explains to everyone that Tarzan and Geppetto were killed in the stampede, Jane Porter is nothing short of devastated at her status as a widow and losing her only child (unaware Hood actually survived), as Mac makes a vain attempt to comfort her. Left destitute, she can do nothing but watch in horror with Mac and the other lionesses as Chernabog allows the hyenas to overrun the Pride Lands after giving his oath to protect everyone. In reality, the hyenas serve as Chernabog's strength as king.

One day, Chernabog furiously summons Jane, who strides past the hyenas with her nose in the air, refusing to allow them to intimidate her even as they snap and snarl at her heels. Chernabog demands to know why there is no hunting taking place. Jane informs him the herds have moved on due to the drought and that if the pride is to survive, they must leave as well. Jane is angered at Chernabog's refusal because it essentially sentences them to death and begins telling Chernabog that he is less than half the king Tarzan was. Before she can finish her statement, Chernabog strikes her in anger, knocking the old queen to the ground. When Geppetto appears from the shadows, she mistakes him for Tarzan at first. However, she is overjoyed when Geppetto identifies himself, though she is confused about how he survived. As Geppetto confronts his uncle, Tweed arrives with the remaining lionesses to support Geppetto, while Jane is helped to her feet by Elsa and another lioness.

When Chernabog forces Geppetto to reveal his belief that he killed his father, Jane is shocked into disbelief and begs Geppetto to tell her it can't be true. However, she is shocked when Geppetto recovers from his uncle's attempt to execute him, pins the now terrified Chernabog to the ground, and snarls "MURDERER!" Threatened with being choked to death by Geppetto if he doesn't confess, Chernabog reveals the truth of the matter that he was the real murderer of Tarzan, and Jane joins the fray against Chernabog and his servants, with Jane fighting furiously to avenge her murdered husband and devastated kingdom. She watches on proudly after her son defeats his cruel tyrannical uncle, who is killed by the hyenas shortly after, and assumes the throne of Pride Rock, roaring with him as he announces his status as the rightful king.

Though she is not seen in the end, Jane Porter is likely present at her new grandchild's presentation.