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Jane Read
Background information
Feature films Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Arthur - It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
Arthur's Missing Pal
Curious George (2006) (picture; dropped)
Short films
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Video games
Park attractions
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Portrayed by
Voice Sonja Ball
Performance model
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Full name
Other names
Personality Quite, caring, kind, nice, honest, firm (sometimes), strict (sometimes), motherly, passively exasperated, helpful, happy, horny, slutty, sexy, greedy and self-absorbed (when she fantasizes of one day escaping her family life to pursue personal interests)
Appearance Tan aardvark with shaggy brown hair and wears a pink sweater over a white shirt, blue jeans, and white Velcro shoes with purple loops
Occupation Accountant
Alignment Good
Home Elwood City
Relatives Dave (father), David Read  (husband), Arthur Read (son), D.W. Read (older daughter), Kate Read (younger daughter), Fred (brother),  Lucy (sister), Lucy's husband (brother-in-law), Jessica (sister)Richard (brother-in-law), Cora (niece), Ryder (nephew) Gustav (great-grandfather) Theodore Read (great-grandfather) Jane's great-grandmother (great-grandmother), Jane's great-grandfather (great-grandfather), Matthew (great-great uncle), Thora Read (mother-in-law), David's brother (brother-in-law), Sean (brother-in-law), Bonnie (sister-in-law),  George (nephew), Bud (brother-in-law), Loretta (sister-in-law), Monique (niece) Ricky (nephew), Loretta's daughter (niece)
Pets Pal (dog)
Spanky ✝ (bird)
Likes Her jobs, works at a large company, children, D.W. & Kate, gardening, cooking, beaches, sexiness, being the animals like a Hippo and the Lioness, being sexy, her butt, dancing
Dislikes Stubbornness, misbehaviors, fighting, D.W.'s disobedience, obnoxiousness, complaints
Powers and abilities

She played Alice in Jane in Wonderland (Pstephen054's style)

She is a British Girl

In Phineas, David and Big Bird: The Three Musketeers as Daisy Duck

She is a duck


Jane's Animal Counterparts:

Jane Read as the Hippopotamus


Like everything hippo with a aardvark's head in the franchise, Jane Read is fat, her skin is orange, but in the belly, she is a little lighter than the rest of her body. She also has a triangular belly button. A running gag is that her huge size and weight causes many problems.

Jane Read as a Monkey

Jane Read as the Lioness

Jane Read as a Bear

Jane's Pet Counterparts:

Jane as a Dog:

Jane's Bird Counterparts:

Jane as an Ostrich:

Jane as a Duck:

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