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Janet Weiss a heroine and the main female protagonist in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and its sequel, Shock Treatment


  • Julie Covington/Belinda Sinclair (Musical; debut)
  • Susan Sarandon (Film)
  • Jessica Harper (Sequel)
  • Alice Ripley (Musical; 2001 Broadway Revival)
  • Julie Atherlon (Sequel; Musical; debut)
  • Victoria Justice (2016 Film)

Janet will play Jane Porter in Rockyzan (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

She is the female protagonist and Tarzan's love interest and wife

Janet will play Anna in Frozen (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

She is Elsa's younger sister and the primary protagonist

Janet will play Cinderella in CinderJanet

She is the main protagonist

Janet will play Miss Spider in Cody and the Giant Peach (EJL423 Style)

She is a spider

Janet will play Megara in Rockycules (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

She is the love interest of Hercules and the female protagonist

Janet will play Chel in The Road to El Dorado (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

She is the tritagonist