Janine Melnitz

Janine Melnitz is the secretary of the Ghostbusters.

Voice Actors:

  1. Laura Summer (Seasons 1-2) - English
  2. Kath Soucie - (Seasons 3-4) - English
  3. Pat Musick (Extreme Ghostbusters) - English
  4. Annie Potts (Live-Action Movies, Video Games) - English
  5. Shinobu Adachi - Japanese
  6. Cristiana Lionello - Italian
  7. Stefania Patruno - Italian
  8. Celine Monsarrat - French

Janine played Zoey in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (1701Movies Human Style)

She is Zoe's rival

Janine was fighter #5 in Super Omega Bros.

Janine is an offensive character in Super Omega Bros. She is mostly a kicker but she has the ability to use a proton pack if achieved. Said to be in the game because Peter Venkman told her to.



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