Jay Jay (Jay Jay) as Bear

Tracy (Jay Jay) as Ojo

Snuffy (Jay Jay) as Tutter

Moose and Zee (Noggin)as Pip and Pop

Herky (Jay Jay) as Treelo

Savannah (Jay Jay) as Luna

Tuffy (Jay Jay) as Shadow


Grab your Pajamas and Come on over to the Big Blue Airport, Tracy is throwing a slumber party!


Tuffy is only singing Hush little baby but she sings it too slow.

Chapter List


Jay Jay looks at the stars

Tracy throws a slumber party

Under your blanket (Performed by Jay Jay)

Snack Time

Brush Brush Bree (Performed by Jay Jay and his Friends)

Everyone is ready for bed

Go to bed sleephead (Performed by Tracy and Jay Jay)

Tuffy Tells a bedtime story

Jay Jay meets Savannah (Goodbye Song)

End credits

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