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Jeffy Jeffy, known simply as Jeffy, is a secondary antagonist, later turned protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan franchise. Known for being a foul mouthed, dim-witted, weird,  ill-behaved, dumb, perverted young teenager with an unusual personality and a strange choice of clothing; he is the adoptive son of Mario and his wife Rosalina.

Voice Actors

  1. Lance Thirtyacre
  2. Anthony Miller (formerly; animal noises)
  3. Chris Netherton (Jeffy's Brain! French accent and Old Jeffy in Baby Jeffy!)
  4. Chilly Jimenez (Jeffy's BIG Easter!)
  5. Tito Jimenez (adult)


  • Jeffy plays as Gromit in Mario & Jeffy: A Grand Day Out, Mario & Jeffy: The Wrong Trousers, Mario & Jeffy: A Close Shave, Mario & Jeffy: The Curse of the Were-Dinosaur and Mario & Jeffy: A Matter of Loaf and Death