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Jelly Wiggle Jiggle is Lalaloopsy Land's wiggliest, jiggliest resident! She's a jitterbug who has trouble sitting still. She's also super-silly, and once she starts giggling, she can never ever stop. Her name is based off of her passion for everything jelly, as well as her wiggly jiggly nature!

About Jelly


Jelly Wiggle Jiggle is a light skinned girl with pale pink cheeks, black button eyes, and teal colored hair with curled straight-cut bangs and pigtails worn over her ears.

On the top of her head is a jello shaped hat with a bow on it, both of which are translucent, matching her translucent lime green dress and blouse top. Her shoes are teal sandals/flats resembling jelly sandals.


Jelly's pet is a turtle, who may or may not be made out of gelatin as well. Her turtle wears a bright pink bow and has regular black button eyes with eyelashes and pink cheeks.


Her house has lime and orange halves pictures on the outside, a dark and light green striped awning and orange eaves. The inside of the house is set up like a shop with a menu for buying gelatin; a display counter featuring different shades of jellies and gelatin. The door is bright green with stained glass panes in bight colors. The wallpaper is orange and patterned with orange halves.


  • July 12th is Eat Something Jiggly Day.