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Jenna is a female character from Balto. She is a gorgeous, red-furred Siberian Husky and is Balto's mate.


In The Wolf-Dog King, she plays Adult Nala

She is a lioness

Jenna is a guest star in Balto: A FunnyTales Movie

She plays a dual role, acting as both the person who knocked Balto (playing Jonah) out with a fish, and the Ninevite guard who demonstrated "The Slap of No Return". She is also the fiancé of whom Mr. Ping (who plays Khalil) tells Balto.

In FunnyTales, Jenna plays Mom Asparagus.

She is an adult, female asparagus and the mother of Junior Asparagus.

She more formally plays Lisa Asparagus in FunnyTales in the Wild.

Jenna plays Barry in Animated Party (Sausage Party), alongside Samson and Kovu.

He is a deformed sausage and the best friend of Frank and Carl. He is also a survivor of the Great Beyond.

Jenna played Mel the Minion in Awesome Me 3: Matthew's Destiny, alongside Kion.

He is a rebel leader Minion.

In The Naked Cage (PrinceBalto Animal Style), she plays Michelle

She is a sweet and innocent girl

In The Superdog King II: Krypto's Pride, she plays Adult Vitani

She is a lioness

In The Jungle Book (1967; Davidchannel's Version), The Jungle Book: Lincoln's Story (1998) and The Jungle Book (2016; Davidchannel's Version), she plays Raksha

She is Wolf

In Young Copper (Dumbo), she plays Prissy

In , she plays Zeniba

In Baltladdin, she plays Jasmine

She is an Arabian princess

In Sleeping Aleu, she plays Queen Leah

She is Aurora's mother

In Balto and Tramp, she plays Evelyn Penswald

She is Jason's love interest

In Balto Hood, she plays Maid Marian

She is a vixen

In The Wolf King, she plays Sarabi

She is a mother of Simba

In The Legend Of Kate, she plays Senna

She is a woman from the southern water tribe

In Jenlan, she plays Mulan

She is a warrior

In The Aristowolves, she plays Duchess

She is a cat

In The Little Mer-Husky, she plays Ariel

She is a mermaid

In How The Wolf Stole Christmas (2000), she plays Betty Lou Who

She is a who

In The Animals Of Farthing Wood, she plays Vixen

She is a fox

In Baltozan, she plays Jane Porter

She is a beautiful British girl

In The Wolfdog and the Lion, she plays Vixey

She is a vixen

In Fox run, she plays Bunty

She is a hen

In Kodito and Kodito 2: Huskey Quest, She plays Aniu

she is a wolf

In Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars, She plays Duchess Satine Kryze

In Beauty and the Berk, She plays Mrs. Potts

She is a teapot

In Dynamite's Cinematic Universe, She plays Agent Peggy Carter

She is the first agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In (Animal Age Series) She plays Ellie

She is a Mammoth

In Home on the Range (Dragon Rockz Style) She plays Maggie

She is a Cow


  • In Simbalto, she Played By Nala
  • In Todto, she Played By Vixey
  • In Flikto She Played By Bala
  • in Kodito, she Played By Dusty

    Her friends are Dixie, purple pomeranian and Sylvie, yellow afgan hound.

Best and Good Friends

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