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Jenny Foxworth is the main character from "Oliver and Company".

She Played Wendy Darling in Tom Cat Pan and Tom Cat Pan 2: Return to Neverland

She Played Blossom In The Powerpuff Girls (CoolZDane5th Style)

She Played Shanti in The Birthday Book and The Birthday Book 2

She Played Meng in Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style)

She Played Princess Eilonwy in The Black Cauldron (CoolZDane Human Style)

She Played Toph Biefong in Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style

She Played Princess Camille in Little Christopher Robin: Adventures in Slumberland

She Played Princess Jasmine in Christopher Robinladdin, Christopher Robinladdin 2: The Return of Governor Ratcliffe, and Christopher Robinladdin 3: The King of Thieves

She plays Ballerina in Fantasia 2000 (BenFranklin&JohnDarlingFan Style)

She Played Swan Odette in The Foxworth Princess

She Played Boo in Wild Humans, Inc. and Kingdom Hearts 3 (nikkdisneylover 8390 Style)

She Played Ariel in The Little Mer-Jenny, The Little Mer-Jenny (TV Series), The Little Mer-Jenny 2: Return to the Sea, and The Little Mer-Jenny 3: Jenny's Beginning, Alana in The Little Mer-Penny and The Little Mer-Penny (TV Series), and Andrina in The Little Mer-Penny 3: Penny's Beginning

She Played Judy Sheperd in Jumanji CoolZDane Style

She Played Adult Odette In The Tigress Princess

She Played Katara In Avatar The Last Airbender Nuclearzoen Human Style

She Played Lady Cluck in Phineas Hood

She Played Thumbelina in Jennylina

She Played Anastasia Tremaine in Gwenerella

She Played One of the Three Beckys in Mew Mew Disney

She Played Yuki in Jane and Meeko

She Played Citrusella Flugpucker in Wreck-It Beast

She Played Holly in Timothy Mouse Returns (Frosty Returns)

She Played Young Elizabeth Swann in Dodger – Oliver of the Caribbean, NYREguy2003 style

She is a pirate.

She Played Aladdin in Jennyladdin Foxworth, Jennyladdin Foxworth 2: The Return of Eris and Jennyladdin Foxworth 3: The Queen of Thieves

She Played Adult Simba in The Foxworth Queen (a.k.a. The Lion King) The Foxworth Queen 1/2 and The Foxworth Queen 2: Jenny's Pride

She Played Quasimodo in The Foxworth of Notre Dame and The Foxworth of Notre Dame 2

She Played Kenai Bear in Sister Foxworth

She played Shantae in Jenny Foxworth (Shantae), Jenny Foxworth: Rita's Revenge, Jenny Foxworth and the Pirate's Curse, Jenny Foxworth: Half-Genie Hero and Jenny Foxworth and the Seven Sirens

She Played Horton the Elephant in Jenny Foxworth Hears a Princess!

She Played Mowgli in The Foxworth Book, The Foxworth Book: Jenny's Story and The Foxworth Book 2

She Play Lizzy Griffths in Thumbelina And The Great Fairy Rescue

She played Zoe Drake in Dinosaur King (4000Movies Style)

She Played Shrek in Jenny Foxworth (Shrek)

She Play Lady in Jenny and the Donald, Jenny and the Donald 2 Bill's Adventure

She Play Lilo in Jenny Foxworth and Donald Duck, Donald Duck The Movie, Jenny Foxworth and Donald Duck: The Series and Jenny Foxworth and Donald Duck 2: Donald Duck Has a Gitch

She Play Juliet in Donald and Jenny: Duck with a Kiss

She Played Misty sister In Pokemon (1986Movies Style)

She Played Pink haired girl In Dinosaur King (397Movies Human Style)

She Played Sailor V In Sailor Charlamange

She is 5th Sailor Scout

She Played Big Bird in Toombul Northeast and Toowong Central

She played Matilda Wormwood in Jenny(Matilda)