Jennyanydots fanart
 is the orange and black Gumbie Cat from Cats the Musical.
Film Jenny 4

Jennyanydots in the film


With Bustopher Jones.

Jennyanydots 2019 Movie 02

Jennyanydots In Cats (2019)


  • Allies: The other members of the Jellicle Tribe 
  • Enemies: Macavity 
  • Likes: Tidiness, tap dancing, singing, her mouse and cockroach friends 
  • Dislikes: Things in disarray 
  • Boyfriends: Bustopher Jones

Jennyanydots played Mrs. Donner in Mistoffelees the Red-Nosed Jellicle

She a female reindeer 

Jennyanydots plays Dory in Finding Jennyanydots

She's a blue tang fish

Jennyanydots will play Sarafina in The Cat King (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

She is Nala's mother

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