Jerry rileysadventures
Jerry is a frilled lizard, and the best friend of Kyle. He appears in Riley's Adventures. He is his first debut in the episode The King for a Day. He later grew into an adult in the episode The Battle for the Glades of Dreams.

Voice Actors:

  1. Dee Bradley Baker - English
  2. Hikaru Midorikawa - Japanese
  3. Constantino Romero - European Spanish
  4. Jesus Barrero - Latin Spanish
  5. Michel Mella - European French
  6. Sebastien Reding - Canadian French
  7. Rufus Beck - German
  8. Claudio Moneta - Italian
  9. Henrique Feist - European Portuguese
  10. Marco Antônio Costa - Brazilian Portuguese
  11. Anders Öjebo - Swedish
  12. ??? - Polish


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