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Jerry Mouse is the Character from Tom and Jerry. Tom Cat is always chasing him (although the cat rarely attempts to eat him), but the mouse outwits the mean cat. However, he is shown to get along with Tom at times.


He plays Larry the Cucumber in Pet AnimalTales

He plays Grumpy in Lola Bunny and the Seven Mice

He plays Timon in The Cartoon King's Jerry Mouse & Tom Cat

He plays Greg Leary in Sniffles in New York

He portrays as Stuart Little in Jerry Little

He plays Kuzco Human in The Jerry Mouse's New Groove

He plays Fix-It Felix in Wreck-It Tom

He plays Dr. Teeth in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

He played Evil Witch in Kai-Lan White and the Seven Bubble Guppies

He played Cornelius in Tanyalina

He and Tom Cat played Evil Twins in Sunset Shimmer Twinsanity

He played George in Jerry of the Jungle

He played Kip in Mouse Hole Heroes

He played James (Animated) in Charlie Brown and the Giant Peach (1996)

He played Tarzan in Jerryzan

He played Stitch in Yin and Jerry

He played Scrat in Animal Age

He played Buzz Lightyear in Animal Story (TomandJerryFan360 Style)

He played Marlin in Finding Drutt

He played Kenai in Brother Mouse

He played Dale in Tom and Jerry Rescue Rangers

He played Thomas O'Malley in The Aristomice

He played Marty in Madagascar (Thomas O Malley's Style)

He played Berk in The Trap Door

He played Simba in The Jerry King

He Played Eric in The Little Mer Mouse

He Played Scooby Doo in Jerry Doo

He Played Noddy in Make Way for Jerry

He plays Courage in Jerry the Cowardly Mouse

He played Timon in The Watterson King

He played Edith in Benny Minion (I know he is male)

He played Tip in The Little Mer-Possible 2: Return to the Sea

He played Max Taylor in Dinosaur King (399Movies Animal Style)

He played Ash Ketchum in Pokemon (Chris1704 Animal Style)

He played Darien/Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Tanya and Sailor Tanya (VIZ)

He played Timmy In Pokemon

He Played Broc In Pokemon (1951Movies Animal Style)

He Played Renji In Bleach (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

He played Harold Hutchins in Captain Grover: The First Epic Movie

He played Crash in Animal Age series (Otto Gameplays13 version)

he is a alphadon




  • His appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are Jimmynocchio and The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18's Style) and will even be in more movie spoof travels.