Jerry Seinfeld is a character from Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld.jpg

The Great Seinfeld Detective he played as Basil the Baker Street

Ben-Hur (1959) (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Judah Ben-Hur

Singin' in the Rain (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Don Lockwood

Fun and Fancy Free (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Bongo

The Prince of Egypt (brucesmovies1 style) and The Ten Commandments (1956) (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Moses

Rita's Clues he played as Joe

The Wizard of Oz (brucesmovies1 style) he played The Wizard (Good)

Scarlan he played as Chein-Po

Estherlina he played as Mr. Mole

Bernard and Friends he played as Mr. Boyd

It's A Wonderful Life (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Ernie Bishop

Jumanji (brucesmovies1 style) he played as Alan Parrish

The Little Seinfeld he played as Prince Eric

Jerryladdin Seinfeld he played as Aladdin

Who Framed Bernard he played Eddie Valiant

Hocus Pocus (brucemovies1 style) he played Max Dennison

Seinfeld's Don't Dance he played Danny

Pokemon (brucesmovies1 style) he played Ash Ketchum

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