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Jetta Handover is one of Emily Elizabeth's friends, she's truly is Charley's girlfriend, and a young female character from Clifford the Big Red Dog. Her voice actor is: Kath Soucie.

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Jetta is Mac's owner, Charley's girlfriend, & also a friend of Emily Elizabeth who is often oblivious to others' feelings. She is often shown leading parades and competing in talent shows as a majorette. Jetta often claims her accomplishments are bigger or better than others' and finds herself humbled when she aims too high to the point where she needs help. Her mother owns one of the island stores and seems somewhat oblivious to Jetta's behavior. She often appears to dislike Clifford, criticizing him for minor accidents caused by his size, but occasionally she will show that she really does like him.


Jetta's Animal Counterparts

Jetta as the Ape