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Jewel is a female macaw from Rio

Jewel Played Ann Darrow in Sailor Moon (King Kong 2005)

Jewel Played Sally Carrera in Toons (Cars)

She is Lightning McQueen's Girlfriend

Jewel Played Bo Peep in Animal Story (Ben Rei Productions)

She is Woody's Girlfriend

Jewel played Betty Lou Who in How the Viking Stole Christmas

Jewel played Daisy Duck in Hiccup, Blu and Megamind: The Three Musketeers

She is a duck

Jewel played Sarabi in The Microraptor King

She is a lioness

Jewel played Kala in Bugs Bunnyzan, Ika (Tarzan) and Monarzan

She is a gorilla

Jewel played Sandy in The Blu the Macaw and Alex the Lion Movie

She is a Sea Squirrel

Jewel played Michelle in Futurama (Strongdrew941 Style)

Jewel played Odette in The Mew Princess

She is a princess

Jewel played Ariel in The Little Mer-Macaw, The Little Mer-Macaw 2: Return to the Sea and The Little Mer-Macaw 3: Jewel's Beginning

Jewel played Rarity in My Little Toons: The Movie (The Hannahschmidt229 Show Style)

Jewel played Chica in Five Nights at Balto's Series

She is a Chicken Animatronic

Jewel played Priscilla in Hollywoodgoodbia

Jewel will play Princess Daisy in Super Hubie Bros (Fluffylux style)

She is a princess that’s a tomboy


In Rio (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style), she will is played by Silver


  • Husband - Blu
  • Daughters - Bia and Carla
  • Son - Tiago
  • Father - Eduardo
  • Aunt - Mimi
  • Ex Boyfriend - Roberto